We run leadership development programs and workshops that enable leaders to identify and bolster their strengths and acquire new skills.

We use a range of powerful methodologies that foster collaboration and new habits. From half-day workshops to complete programs, we design with you the best way to develop leadership in your organization.


Leading without knowing how the brain works is like designing a glove without ever having seen a hand. We are up-to-speed with the latest discoveries of how the brain works. We apply this knowledge both to the content of programs and how we deliver it.


Self-leadership focuses on the key skills for being a versatile leader, including exploiting your strengths and knowing yourself. We develop participants’ emotional and communication skills and show them how to be more productive.

Team leadership

We equip participants with the tools to manage their teams and to develop the key skills needed to take on the challenges inherent in leading teams.

Female leadership

Directed specifically at women, these programs help participants realize their potential and work on the key areas for advancing their careers.

Mentoring: We design the mentoring process most suited to your needs and provide support at every stage: selecting mentors; matching mentees to mentors; producing mentoring guides and content; training mentors and mentees; monitoring progress.

These programs are aimed at groups such as: high-potential individuals, female staff or senior managers.

Training of mentors

The mentors’ training provides mentors with the key tools and skills to successfully perform their role.

Organic mentoring

Organic mentoring involves the implementation of mentoring as a basic part of an organization’s culture. Over time, the organization is able to run mentoring processes without outside help.

Awareness-raising for mentees

Sessions to prepare mentees before the launch of the mentoring process. Areas covered include: how to decide on objectives, the mentee’s role, and an overall vision of the mentoring program.

Mentoring program management platform

This platform provides a scorecard which allows the user to access information on the status of the program in real time. In addition, mentors and mentees can use the platform to record progress and access specific content.

Reverse mentoring

In this kind of mentoring, the mentor is younger than the mentee. The mentee is usually someone in a senior position who needs to become more competent in digital technologies.


Mentoring guides, videos and specific content for mentors and mentees.

Coaching: We have a global network of accredited executive coaches.

All of our coaches are well versed in the world or business. This ensures that they understand the type of situations which the coachee is facing and can empathize with them.

Executive coaching

Coaching sessions in which we use self-analysis tools and offer personalized support to help participants grow and fully realize their potential.

Maternity coaching

A new form of support for women who want to enjoy motherhood without giving up on career advancement.

Team coaching

A program which lays the groundwork for teams to up their level and become high performers. We have our own methodology of team coaching, which includes an initial diagnosis as a starting point.

Leadership Brand: We help you to create your organization’s leadership brand.

A leadership brand expresses leadership as a characteristic of the organization as a whole, above and beyond the actual leaders. To develop one, we consider:


· What makes a company a leader: the marriage of customer expectations with the behavior of employees and the organization as a whole.


· Some well-established differentiating factors that make both clients and shareholders see the company as unique.


· A “code” which sets out the key ways in which the company is a leader.

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