Measuring and defining culture and values: Analyzing the current culture in order to specify the initiatives needed to transition to the desired culture. These initiatives reduce barriers to change and activate the behavior which leads to the target culture.

CTT tool

Our adaptation and interpretation of the CTT (Cultural Transformation Tools) lends significant added value to our analysis of an organization’s cultural DNA and its associated habits. These habits may either favor or hinder the successful implementation of a cultural transformation strategy.

Harnessing the power of positive influencers

We work with key people within organizations so that they act as influencers and generate a positive attitude across the organization to the changes which are being implemented.

Support in change management: from the design stage to implementation, we are with you every step of the way. We provide constant support and a range of tools so that the project is a success.

Changing head offices

Different physical environments create different realities. We creatively manage the process of change, which includes new workplace strategies and new ways of working, so that staff are motivated by the move.

Changes in culture and values

First of all, in consultation with key players in the organization, we analyze where you are and where you want to arrive at. We then work with you to implement the changes desired in a robust and organic way, so that they are long-lasting.

We provide human resources strategy consulting services for organizations that are looking for an out-of-the-box vision in their policies and programs.

Design and implementation

We can help design and deliver your people strategy and your human resources strategy. They are not the same thing and they are both necessary!

Diversity policy

We analyze your internal data as regards diversity across the organization. We then put forward solutions so that diversity becomes a positive feature of your organization.

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