We are Beuppers

Human friendly consulting.

We are at the forefront of a new way of thinking and acting that positively transforms people, organizations and society as a whole.


The Up Attitude

Believe it and make it happen!

Everything is possible in this day and age, so why not dream big and turn your dreams into reality? Share your challenges with us and we’ll make them ours. We’d love to surprise you with our ideas, methodologies and results.

We look at the world with curiosity

We research the latest trends in science, technology, art, history, sport… Anything can be a source of inspiration for us. We love to learn and to enrich our perspective. We are never fully satisfied and we have a learner’s mentality and a real thirst for learning.

At the cutting edge

We are open to all sorts of new ideas and we like to surprise our clients in a positive way with new approaches and methodologies. Our aim is to spearhead innovative solutions which lead to positive outcomes and increased motivation.

Head & Heart

Always learning

As a team, we are aware of our individual strengths and limitations, and are committed to ongoing personal development. We see this as a way of life and as a powerful tool to enhance our effectiveness for clients, serving them with greater awareness and more comprehensively.

You can count on us

We are with you every step of the way to help you bring your projects to fruition. You can count on our professional expertise and experience and on having a close personal working relationship with us.

Acting with determination and creativity

When we swing into action, our objective is your objective. We go the extra mile for you and use different and disruptive approaches to help you flexibly adapt to change. This mindset is part of our DNA.

Live & love BeUp


Each of us has the right to choose our own lifestyle. At BeUp we work in such a way that each person’s lifestyle is catered for in their professional work.

We are #Beuppers

We are ambassadors of our brand and strongly identify with it. We want to make a lasting contribution – to leave a legacy for future generations and to have a positive impact on society.

We thoroughly enjoy our work and we love working together as a team

Good vibes, a can-do mindset, positive emotions – it rubs off on everyone!

The team

More than 15 years’ experience

Pilar Jericó

President and founding partner

Marta Romo

CEO and founding partner

José Conejos


Rosa de la Morena

Business Development Director

Claudia Rosales


Mónica Rosemberg

Director in Buenos Aires office

Consuelo del Castillo

Digital HR Manager

Sara Fernández

Head of operations

Irene Tapia


Joan Montero


Techu Arranz


Ángel Cruz Herrero


Begoña Rodríguez


Mónica Galán


Mar Cárdenas


Sol Mena

Senior consultant

Susana Morales

Senior consultant

Jaime Olalquiaga

Senior consultant

Carolina Piñeiro


Rubén Montenegro

Creative and graphic design

Begoña Guillén

Begoña Guillén

Actress, in charge of a team of actors

Ana Lozano

Head of administration

Cristina Sánchez

Cristina Sánchez


Our clients

Acesur Acesur
Alsa Alsa
Canon Canon
Cruz roja Cruz roja
Dachser Dachser
Deloitte Deloitte
Enagas Enagas
Everis Everis
Loewe Loewe
Mapfre Mapfre
Meliã Meliã
Promsa Promsa
Ranstad Ranstad
Repsol Repsol
Roche Roche
Santander Santander
Vodafone Vodafone

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