Since 2012, BeUp and the Banco Santander have been carrying out mentoring programs to promote the development of female leaders within the organization.


Banco Santander

Developed areas

  • Human resources




To enrich the basic mentoring process with workshops for mentors and mentees, support from a BeUp coach and an online platform with high-impact content.

Over 600 female employees have taken part in our programs: directors, middle managers and high-potential individuals. We have helped key female staff to be better prepared to take on bigger challenges in the future, and to achieve excellence both in their individual performance and in the results their teams have achieved.

The development areas and objectives have been:

  • Management of teams
  • Communication
  • Self-leadership and personal efficiency
  • Career development
  • Change management
  • Networking


Degree of satisfaction with the program: 9.5 out of 10.
We were honored to be congratulated by Ana Botín (executive chairman of the Santander Group) for the success of these programs. She remarked that diversity is a strategic necessity of the company as it helps to foster talent, to improve teams and their results in a sustainable way, and it creates added value for the company.


Workshops for change management


Leadership development

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