Workshops for change management


BeUp worked with BBVA to train staff in new habits as part of their change management process.



Developed areas

  • Human resources




To promote new habits, on an individual and team level, to generate a climate which is conducive to change and collaborative work.

The objectives were:

  • Effective self-management in times of change
  • To promote a positive, can-do attitude to new challenges
  • To make participants aware of the dynamics involved in change and how to manage them
  • To reinforce effective communication skills
  • To generate a collective vision
  • To lay the foundations of a culture based on collaboration.

Project details

Diagnostic tools were used at the start of the project. Innovative methodologies such as “actoring” were employed to train participants in real-life situations.

During the program, participants had the support of a BeUp coach who provided guidance and helped them to apply in their day-to-day work what they had learned in the group sessions.


Leadership development

Mutua Madrileña

Leadership development for female staff

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