"Talented women" project


BeUp worked with Enagás to deliver a program which fostered the professional development of female staff. We helped to design workshops and structured encounters which enhanced female staff’s commitment to develop their capabilities. In this way, we created significant value for Enagás.



Developed areas

  • Human resources




The program consisted of a one-year plan with different development milestones and support aimed at changing habits.

The development areas and objectives were:

  • To enhance professional development
  • To develop the skills needed to perform well in the company
  • A higher profile for talented women within the company
  • A talent development platform in Enagás.

Project details

This project consisted of one-to-one interviews, workshops, counseling sessions and digital content as consolidation. A further component was interactive breakfasts. These motivated participants to continue growing and provided an opportunity for them to share any concerns they had.


Thanks to the success of the initial program and participants’ positive feedback, we have now run this program several times.


Cultural transformation


Training and awareness-raising for cultural transformation

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