Training and awareness-raising for cultural transformation


BeUp is currently working with Orange on an ambitious process of cultural change.
With the arrival of a new CEO, the company has decided to change the prevailing culture and has identified the competences it wants to develop and the actions to achieve this.



Developed areas

  • Human resources




BeUp is in charge of the program for non-management staff, which amounts to 2,400 employees. In addition, we also make sure that this program is aligned with the program for managers. In over 140 workshops, we have worked on generating the desired competences and new habits, within the overall framework of the company-wide cultural change.

In our workshops we have used:

  • Our proprietary methodology, Rapid Learning
  • Learning by “actoring”
  • Collaborative tasks
  • High-impact activities

Project details

To get participants fully involved, we use a methodology based on storytelling, linked to the key competences to be developed. To reinforce the learning process, we have built a platform for employees where they can access audiovisual content (motivating videos, videos made in Orange, talks…) and content of a more theoretical nature. In addition, this platform has the basic functionalities of a social network: employees can share what they have learned. As a result, everyone can appreciate that they have a part to play in the process of cultural change.

The results have been very encouraging: people have been very motivated to learn; they have developed a positive attitude to change in the face of new challenges; they have learnt to work together more closely; they have got to know themselves better; they have improved their self-confidence and how they handle their fears; they feel capable of achieving their objectives.


Leadership development: “Everyday project” project


"Embrace the Change" project

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