Leadership development: “Everyday project” project


To help define the overall human resources strategy. To improve productivity, change management and management quality. This project has run from 2011 until now.



Developed areas

  • Human resources




The company is undertaking a process of change with the aim of underpinning its core values and becoming more client-oriented. The steps being taken are as follows:

  • Creation of a Change Management Index (CMI) to identify the influencers in the company who are most respected by their peers.
  • Identification of power hubs and key communication channels in the company by area and department. This has enabled us to create targeted action plans.
  • Diagnosis of managers’ current habits by key metrics. Personalized actions plans based on this diagnosis.
  • Design of support programs for managers based on the results of the CMI.
  • Key Performance Indicator of the project: a 2% improvement in the people survey evaluation.


"Embrace the Change" project

Banco Santander


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